Request for a driver's certificate (to exchange a US driver's license for a Portuguese driver's license)




casaConsulate at Home (Post Mail)


Required documents:

  • Copy of driver's license
    • (The copy does not need to be notarized);
  • Driver's record issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State the driver's license originates from;
  • Cover letter explaining the service you require and your contacts (email and cellphone number);
  • Self-addressed postmarked envelope;
  • Check payable to "Portuguese Consulate".



  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you send all of the required documents. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned.
  • The driver's certificate may then be exchanged for a Portuguese driver's license in Portugal
  • The Consulate does not renew Portuguese driver's licenses nor does it issue international driving permits.



  • $34.31